Zirdent Aesthetic Stain/Glaze Suit

In response to the current Stain & Glaze Paste for full contour Zircon, our company has launched a set of Stain 8Glaze Paste that are simple to operate and have high esthetic effects. The Stain & Glaze Paste set includes four main ABCD shades, 18 special effect colors, glaze, 3D natural shade, diluting and refreshing liquid.



 Product Characteristics

Each bottle of paste contains glaze ingredients. There is no need to apply glaze separately. The ideal effect can be achieved by staining only once. Glaze paste, fine particles, no need to mix powder and liquid before use. To achieve a satisfactory effect on the shade of the crown, the shades of each paste can be matched at will and can be used directly after mixing evenly.

Storage Method
Store in dry conditions, with optimal temperature 12C° -38C° After use, tighten the bottle cap and place it in a hygienic environment.



Using Method


Stain/Glaze Standard Paste Sintering Curve


Sintering Curve