Fast Sintering Furnace





Fast Sintering Furnace FS-001Z 

Easy to install, operate and use

LCD Intelligent Touch Panel

High-Purity Elema Rod




Max. 200 degrees of temperature rising per minute, Switch-on and play without waiting for pre-heating!


Max temperature setting to Max. 1530℃ in 20 minutes


Reduce the heat-load of Elema rods by using lower voltage to drive and its longer life is greatly extended.





Technical Data


Temperature Increasing 200℃ / Per Minute
Max Temperature 1530℃
Holding Hours of Max. Temperature 2 Hours
Operation Range 100-120V 50/60HZ 230V 50/60HZ
Electric Current 14.5 Ampere@110V 7.0 Ampere@230V
Power Max. 1300 Watts
Machine Dimension L360mm*W270mm*H560mm
Net Weight 20 KGS
Gross Weight 25.50 KGS



Dental Equipment
Optimize the grinding properties, long service life and maximum efficiency during grindering, polishing in your daily

time, micro fractures within the cad/cam substructure. Gentle and pressure-free grinding allows perfect finishing and

efficient removal of material.