Porcelain Furnace

Zirdent Vacuum Porcelain Furnace




Zirdent Vacuum Porcelain Furnace

High-quality automatic temperature adjustment function to ensure the actual temperature error is within +/-1°.

Easy to operate, compact size, one of the smallest ceramic ovens in the world.

Precision stepper motor drive, smooth free operation, and no jitter.

Quartz spiral furnace.Automatic temperature calibration before each firing program.




The tray has no noise and the speed is programmable.

USB port is convenient to connect with a computer service program.

True color touch screen, easy to operate.

99 custom programs and built-in programs.

Optical status display.



Zirdent Porcelain Furnace provides the perfect solution for users with low cost and high performance, and the complexity integration circuit provides a solid guarantee for the efficient sintering.Use real color touch screen,simple and easy to operate.

Use servo motor, tray speed adjustable, and at the beginning of firing process, not only pre-drying time can be set, the location of the tray also can be set. 




Zirdent Porcelain Furnace desktop provides four shortcut program button, the user can save the common program in it.

Zirdent both in the porcelain transparency degree, porcelain shape retention, have a very perfect performance, using Sr-3 soft fire regeneration technology, the strength of the tooth body do better performance. Use this technology, the porcelain products durable and life extension.




Zirdent also show perfect performance in the application of low temperature porcelain powder.The position of the tray can be set independently, it can make the low temperature porcelain powder water evaporation controllable, so the porcelain color is more natural.

The perfect Zirdent is the most cost-effective porcelain furnace in the world.





Technical Data


Temperature Increasing 200℃ / Per Minute
Max Temperature 1200℃
Holding Hours of Max. Temperature 2 Hours
Vacuum level 1-101%
Operation Range 100-120V 50/60HZ    230V 50/60HZ 
Electric Current 14.5 Ampere@110V 7.0 Ampere@230V
Power Max. 1500 Watts
Machine Dimension L360mm*W270mm*H530mm
Net Weight 19 KG
Gross Weight 23.5 KG



Dental Equipment

Dental Lab Equipment Automatic Programmable Porcelain Furnace with Vacuum pump.

For sinter zirconia block, glass ceramics, and glazing