5-Axis Milling Machine





A5 Milling Machine 

5 Axis Linkage Milling

Positioning Accuracy: 0.005mm

Milling for Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, PEEK

Automatic Tool Change



With max. spindle speed 60,000 rpm, A5 combines utmost precision with maximum stability and every indication can be treated – crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays and more for dental laboratories on same day dentistry.


Multi-material processing from zirconia, PMMA, Wax and PEEK quickly and accurately!


With high-quality industrial components, A5 keeps low vibration in operation!



Technical Data


Axis 5 Axis
Input Voltage AC 220V
Weight 104 KGS
Cutting Way Dry + Vacuum Cleaning
Spindle Cooling Air Cooling
Tool Numbers 3
Tool Change Automatic
Max. Spindle Speed 60,000 rpm
Operating Power 2.84 KW
External Size 680mm*540mm*670mm
Processing Range 0.45 MPA Clean Air
Positioning Accuracy 5 μm
Fixture 98mm Single Disk
Indications Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Onlays



Dental Equipment
Optimize the grinding properties, long service life and maximum efficiency during grindering, polishing in your daily

time, micro fractures within the cad/cam substructure. Gentle and pressure-free grinding allows perfect finishing and

efficient removal of material.