Press Furnace

Zirdent Press Furnace




Zirdent Press Furnace PF-610Z 

Fully compatible with ivoclar vivadent Servo motor drive die casting, high success rate.

No compressed air is needed. very good effect.

Fully compatible with ivoclar Vivadent, Vita, Dentsply ingots and so on.




Low maintenance costs.

High margin accuracy.

Low failure probability.


Motor driven die-casting mode, no need for air source, constant pressure, adjustable speed, a high success rate of die-casting.

Fully compatible with the porcelain oven function, it can automatically switch to porcelain oven mode or casting oven mode according to the selected program.

High quality temperature automatic adjustment function ensures that the actual temperature error is within+/-1 °.

Precision stepper motor drive, smooth and free operation without vibration.


Perform automatic temperature calibration before each roasting program.

The tray has low noise and programmable speed.

True color touch screen, easy and convenient to operate.50 custom programs and built-in programs.

The die-casting force is adjustable, and the die-casting distance is displayed in real-time.

Crack detection function. Status indication.





Technical Data


Temperature Increasing 200℃ / Per Minute
Max Temperature 1200℃
Holding Hours of Max. Temperature 2 Hours
Operation Range 100- 120V 50/60HZ 230V 50/60HZ
Electric Current 14.5 Ampere@110V 7.0 Ampere@230V
Power Max. 1500 Watts
Machine Dimension L360mm*W270mm*H700mm
Net Weight 23 KGS
Gross Weight 26.50 KGS



Dental Equipment

High cost-effectiveness and high-quality die-casting and sintering effects

Can be baked on porcelain blocks of different colors and transparency, with high strength and less prone to cracking.